August 8, 2011

Mom Shop Monday: Honeybear Lane

About Honeybear Lane:

Hi, I’m Heidi!
Come be inspired by craft and sewing projects and learn about the handmade business. I want to motivate women to take charge of their own creativity and gain the confidence to sew an amazing project,  {{like a puff quilt!}}
Here are the facts: 

I’m pretty sure I was born with a scissors in one hand and glue in the other.
I’m a momma to those two handsome boys you see in the picture.
It makes me tired.
But I love it.
And now I have another one on the way.
I know, I’m a little crazy.
I started the business, Honeybear Lane.
What is Honeybear Lane (the shop)?
I sell stuff like this:
And I used to sell stuff like this:
And coming very soon I will be adding new exciting products to my shop so stay tuned!
The way I run my business is ever-changing, so bear with my quirks.  I do have 2.5 kids ya know.  I make all major shop announcements on my blog though.
You’re awesome.  Last thing I’m gonna say.

My Thoughts:

I agree Heidi, You are AWESOME!

I don't know if I shared this photo with you but this is the quilt I made for D, and the pattern came from Heidi's shop. It was super easy to follow and the result was awesome!

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