August 25, 2011

Breastfeeding for the Student Mom - Review

As it gets to be time to go back to school I have been very concerned about how I was going to continue breastfeeding D. Breastfeeding with him is going so well, especially compared to the other boys, and I'm really enjoying it. Because my school is a half hour away from home there is no way I could meet the babysitter to feed him so I've been looking for a great pump to use. I knew I needed a double pump so I would have enough time to pump between classes but I also wanted something that was comfortable and that I could use in the car, as there's not really a better place at school.

When The First Years contacted me about reviewing their miPump and Breastflow bottles I was way excited and now that I have tired these I'm thrilled to tell all of you about their excellent option. 

I have fallen in love with the miPump. I so wish I would have had it when I was pumping and C was in NICU rather than that awful hospital issued thing. The miPump is easy to use with a simple control unit and an easy hold double pump. I love that I can plug it in our use batteries. The other big bonus for me is that it weighs less than 6 lbs. Because I have shoulder problems from carrying to much anyway this is an extra important feature. Mine also came with this adorable carry bag that easily fits everything I need to pump. It is very stylish and I can easily carry it around with no one knowing what is inside. After using this pump a few times I have been pleasantly surprised about how gentle it is on my breasts. The suction seems to have almost a vibration with it that allows the milk to release without feeling like your breast is being torn from your body which I love! The last thing I love about this pump is that the suggested retail price is only $79.99. That is so much less than other pumps of similar quality. If you are looking for a great pump you've got to check this one out!

The bottles that go with this pump are The First Years Breastflow Bottles. So far these are working great for D. Using them hasn't seemed to disrupt our breastfeeding at all which is wonderful. They wash well and so far are holding up well to the abuse of daily use. 

Thank you so much The First Years for making a great product and for allowing me to share it with my friends!

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