August 26, 2011

Student's Best Friend ... Portable Solar Panels

As a student, mom and blogger it seems that every spare second I have is spent on the computer trying to get things done. Running out of time can present a real problem for me especially when I have commitments that take me away from my home, internet and/or power source. 

As much as I love attending fairs and camping it does make it more difficult when I have these deadlines and need the energy to use my laptop and charge my cell so I can get them accomplished. It can be frustrating but I have recently found a great solution...portable solar panels.

E has been telling me for a long time that he wants to put solar panels on the house to save on our electric bill. I had never even thought to transfer his idea into something that could help me do more things while still keeping up with my blog and school work. 

I think this is a grand idea and will be looking into it more during the coming weeks as E and I hope to take a vacation sometime during semester break. Yes, for me vacation doesn't mean leaving the blog behind so you'll get to hear all about it. Wish me luck in finding a great solution so I can take all of you with me on our family adventures.

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

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